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About Georgia
        Of course, on one page of the site does not fit all, we would like to tell about our country. But we still try to draw your attention to some facts about Georgia, and everything else you will see and experience for yourself by visiting this unique country. As it is said - it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.
Some interesting facts
1. The native Georgian name for the country is Sakartvelo. The word consists of two parts. Its root, kartvel-i (ქართველ-), originally referred to an inhabitant of the core central Georgian region of Kartli.
The Russian exonym Gruziya (Грузия) is also of Perso-Arabic origin-Gurdjistan and came from XVII-XVIII centuries.

2.  Georgia accepted Christianity as the established religion in 319 AD.
3.  The first representatives of the human race were found in Georgia. They were discovered in 1991 at Dmanisi and their age is about 1 million 770 thousand years. They were named as Zezva and Mzia.
4.  Georgia aspires to become a tourist Mecca for the world. Therefore, all signs, information boards and signs are made in Georgian and English languages, even turns to the smallest villages.

5.  Toasts in Georgia are sacred. Nobody has the right to drink a glass of wine if it is not his turn. Many take their time to explain what is on their mind after all participants of the feast (starting with the oldest) do not toast.
6.  If you see how Georgians eat meat with hands, remember, that is not for their bad manner. In our country barbecue (Mtsvadi) is eaten with hands, as if savoring it. This refers also to the national dish Khinkali. Eating Khinkali with devices you risk not only look silly, but lose all essence of this dish.
7.  Family is sacred for Georgians. They say “The love of a family is life's greatest blessing”. They are very careful to parents and friends. And the word of their father is the law.

8. It is impossible to refuse to come to the wedding in Georgia, since it is big offence for the hosts.
9. Georgia is called the birthplace of wine: here there were found fragments of ancient wine jugs, and traces of the wine. From the researches of historiography and archaeologists, we learn, that already 700 thousand years ago, the Georgian tribes enjoyed the taste and flavor of their wines, worshiped to pagan gods of winemaking Aguna and Nunua. Artifacts indicate that in ancient times wine was commonplace in everyday life. Proof of this is a large pottery wine storage - Kvevri, which today is used throughout Georgia.
10.  The hitchhiking in Georgia is great. You will be given a lift on the way. Then they will feed you up and provide the lodging for the night.

11.  Be ready for that every Georgian will make you drink wine when you stop at their house just to ask direction. They will feed you with the most delicious Khachapuri in the world, tell you various amazing legends, heartfelt toasts and ask you to drink to the bottom “to peace”.

12.  If you are pretty drunk and do not want to drive, you can call the police patrol, warning in advance  that you do not want to create emergency situations on the road. In gratitude for this behavior the police will take you and your car home. And it's all absolutely free.
A few things you should not do in Georgia
The guests for Georgians are sacred. And in order to be “right guest” in Georgia we compiled list of things that are not worth doing.

1. One of the most important and proven on our own experience tips for tourists in Georgia - not to mix chacha with wine. Feasts in Georgia last long but be aware that wine drinking in Georgia is certainly not about getting drunk. The main thing is to drink correctly. There are some obligatory toasts which you have to drink to the bottom. So if you take up drinking wine it is better to drink it all evening, if you choose chacha do not change it to anything else.

2. If you have broken item "1", there is output - never try to beat a hangover using something apart from Borjomi. In the morning after long feasts Georgians always improve their health with drinking Borjomi.  Four glasses of mineral water - and you can drink again.

3. Our third tip is also connected to a feast - never interrupt toastmaster (Tamada). The Tamada acts like a director of the party announcing traditional toasts. The toastmaster creates the rights atmosphere and initiates toasting rounds. He makes sure that everyone at the table, especially the guests are feeling well. Then each person takes his or her turn in making this toast, but with a personal touch or something added to it.

4. There are a lot of ancient temples in Georgia, but there is not enough time to see them all. If you stopped at the temple after excursion, you will not be allowed to get inside the temple in a beach suit. Georgians respect their traditions and are strict to such things. That is why to enter the church or temple with bare shoulders, shorts, slippers and bareheaded (it concerns to girls) is forbidden.

5. And finally, we return to meal again. You should not ignore the Georgian cuisine while traveling in Georgia. Do not visit Pizza houses or Fast food restaurants. You would definitely try the most delicious lavash (pita bread) and khachapuri, the recipe of which exists in every region of Georgia. Famous suluguni cheese, kebab with fragrant spices, appetizing khinkali-to be in Georgia and not to try them all is just a sin.

       Georgia is a country with a lot of legends .There is a wonderful legend about first Georgians. According to ancient tradition, when God was giving land to the peoples of the world, the Georgians were busy eating, drinking and feasting and when they arrived it was too late, because there was no land left. The Georgians told God that they had been toasting to his health. God thought and said: “I have saved the piece of land for myself but for your immediacy and frankness I am giving it to you! Remember the Earth is beautiful and incomparable, and people in all ages will admire and enjoy it. All was as God said. For many centuries all bow to the beauty of a small but proud country.
    It is interesting legend. Is not it? And can you imagine how many others you will have to learn out while traveling in Georgia? Uncountable!
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