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Welcome to Georgia!
What could be better, than pleasant informative tours, traveling around the country especially in such as Georgia? Georgia is a country that you travel once you will look forward to visiting it again. Variety of local natural landscapes is amazing. If you love the mountains, be sure to visit Svaneti, if you're a foodie and a connoisseur of fine wines travel to Kakheti, and if you are fond of the sea, palm trees and tropics - Adjara is waiting for you!
      This is original and exotic country where ancient traditions are intertwined with modernity. Here historical monuments stand proudly in almost pristine condition and ready to delight tourists, forever remaining community pride. In a nutshell, to convey the beauty and the unique charm of this small country is impossible, but one can say with certain - visiting once this sunny country, you fall in love with her ​​forever!
     But that's not all, as the main wealth of this country is the people of Georgia, passing from generation to generation the love and boundless respect for the guest.  There is nothing to say about selflessness and generosity of people in Georgia, as the phrase "Georgian hospitality" has become a household name.

     Our company is founded by three friends, in love with their country. We have passed more than one hundred miles of hiking trails. And we want to share with you the beauty, history and traditions of our unique country. We meet all the guests as if they are good old friends of ours. We provide comfortable transport, cozy accommodation and the services of professional guides. Georgian proverb says that a guest is the messenger of God and you will make sure from your own experience.

     Culture of our country like a mosaic has been forming during the centuries before to become a national treasure as dear to the heart of every Georgian as their land- a beautiful, long-suffering, but proud and independent.  It is impossible to describe all the beauty of Georgia, it can be only sung about, consider Georgians and sing their love for the country in distinctive polyphonic chants.
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